AgriHub Caribbean is an initiative of Stg Building Bridges...Saving Lives our vision is to create connections and self-sustainability between small scale farmers and consumers by promoting and advocating all forms of agriculture that are packaged, raised, processed and grown within the Caribbean.


AgriHub Caribbean

Welcome to our website, 100% dedicated to educating, selling, buying, trading of livestock and agricultural produce in the Caribbean. We have been working on this website tirelessly and have finally finished the first phase of this project.

We hope that you will enjoy the features which are very similar to Facebook. However, here you are free to post prices and with no restrictions, check out our sales feeds to see all livestock for sale or post your add today. This website is 100% free for all small scale producers.

Please register,  log in and enjoy. New features and Blogs will be added soon.

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Self Sufficient Living

Self Sufficient living simply means learning how to grow, make, sell and bake your own from your mini farm. Self reliance is defiantly the way forward especially with the presence of climate change, food safety and economic and political uncertainly that facing us in these times. At ArgiHub Caribbean we are all for turning lawns into lunch. Don’t be fooled you do not need a farm or homestead to be able to grow a couple rows of vegetable, raise a few chickens, quails or rabbits even a few fruit tree. You don’t! It just means that being self sufficient you have to be ready to butcher and eat the livestock that you have raised.

Paving the way forward AgriHub Caribbean


To promote agro-ecological principles and entrepreneurship through capacity development and inter-island exchange of quality farmer-to-farmer training videos, seminars, webinars and face -to-face in local languages.


Improve rural and semi-urban livelihoods by promoting sustainable food systems in the Caribbean region.


Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations

Value for the environment and ecosystems

Professional, effective and informed by relevant science

Creative, flexible and innovative

Sensitive to gender

Quality, equality and ethics Passion

Guardians of our Oral farming history and Practices

Nurture the future Caribbean farmers of tomorrow

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"Agriculture is we Culture"... Ras Bushman

7 Benefits of eating locally

Creates community

Getting to know your farmer, fishmonger, butcher, workers at your local markets, etc., creates a sense of community.

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