About AgriHub Caribbean

About AgriHub Caribbean

Creating a community of self-sustainable food producers!

ArgiHub Caribbean

AgriHub Caribbean started as website catering to Surinamese famers most in particular poultry back yard farmers to sell and trade their livestock in a free to post and sell website. This site was and still is totally free to all small scaled farmers and hobbyist.

Our team sat down and looked at the challenges farmers and small producers faced through-out the region and decided to take a leap of faith and expand our website to include all Caribbean islands an include all aspects of farming from poultry, livestock, crops and aquaculture etc. We hope this move will help farmers reach a larger audience where information, techniques, and wisdom can be shared. It is also hope that by doing this we can begin to document this information for future reference passing on to the next generation of Agripeneurs.

AgriHub Caribbean, holds fast to its believe of self sustainable agriculture for all, as a famous Rastafarian of Sint Maarten once said “ Agriculture is we Culture”. The last two years has taught us that we need to start eating local, which means create means to ensure food security by supporting local farmers and producers. This not only guarantees a sustainable income for local farmers and fresh seasonal food for our families.

Helps us make this website grow throughout the Caribbean and even further afield. Contact us and learn of ways you can help to contribute to the ongoing updates and information of this website.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Project Coordinator Dhr. Simon

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